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AboutI grew up in South Africa where I graduated from high school and went on to study photography at an art school in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. On January 25th, 1996, we set foot in Miami, and settled in Gainesville.

I enrolled in Santa Fe Community College and studied Graphic Design and photography. My mom is a sculptor and doll artist, and since we moved here in 1996 I’ve been doing all her photography, brochures, websites, ads and any promotional materials (where everything started). In 2001 I photographed her dolls for Gund Inc. and learnt they had a job opening for a graphic designer. I went up to Edison, New Jersey for an interview and started working for Gund. Our department worked hand in hand with the product development department, and I also got to work hand in hand with some top photographers and just learnt so much during the time I was there.

It was as also during those years that I developed a new passion, skydiving, where I met my husband Ryan. I moved up to Vernon, NJ and got a job a little closer to home as a professional portrait photographer, photographing mostly babies and small children. I was also doing part time work for my mom and another doll company, doing everything from photography to printed material.

The end of last year Ryan and I made the move down to Florida where a lot of my family and extended South African family lives. While I still do graphic design, I am getting back to my true passion, photography! I have my own portable studio and do in-house and on location photography.

Please take a moment and visit my portfolio, I am currently running a great photography special to update my portfolio, so if you would like family portraits, maternity, newborn, wedding or pet portraits, please consider me as your photographer.

I am looking forward to being of service to you!

Making Memories!


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